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"I was quite enchanted. The best theatre transcends age and has a universal quality. l think for me as an older person; it transported me back to something l feel l have lost .....the innocence of childhood! It was lovely to reconnect with it again. It reminded me a little of Shaun Tan's book "The Lost Thing", which l recently shared with my grandson Jack, who is five. I know Jack would have been as captivated as me by The Lost Balloon, and I look forward to one day taking him to see the finished product. 

Great masks and beautiful music."

Arts Queensland, QLD


"It was gorgeous! Patrick (the five-year-old) was talking about the show the next day and thought the child chasing the balloon was hilarious. He was telling his kindy teacher all about the child climbing a pole and the balloon that kept getting away. I thought it was very sweet – how the child interacted with all the different characters and how the balloon seemed to have a personality. You've got a great team working on the show!" 


ArTour, QLD


"Just wanted to say a HUGE congrats. What a lovely, beautiful piece of work you have created, particularly over this last four-week period. I thought it was just gorgeous, and the artistry of all the performers was brilliant. We have nothing like this on our stages, so I sincerely hope this work keeps going and thousands and thousands of people and little people get to experience this show." 

Indelability Arts, QLD

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