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A lonely character. 

A big city. 

A shiny yellow balloon. 

The audience is invited into the world of a lonely, misunderstood character who, one day, discovers and quickly loses a shiny yellow balloon...and so begins an adventure through the city, by turns whimsical and madcap. 

Along the way, our Hero meets hilariously quirky masked characters that reside in this world; greeted by The Maitre D's from a bygone era, helping a trio of Golden Oldies, to some seriously regimented Lollipop Ladies and sharp-tied Business People. World-class physical comedy and mesmerizing visual theatre combine for a heart-warming exploration of the joy of human interaction - and the incredible power of how a simple act of kindness and authentic connection can transform a person's life. 

Underlined by an original musical score, this show transcends language and cultural barriers and connects directly to the heart. Its highly visual form is engaging, accessible and inclusive of audience needs. 


We seek partners to bring us to production and presentation for THE LOST BALLOON, a unique full-face, non-verbal, mask theatre production for young audiences (ages 5+), families and the young at heart. This product is highly visual, emotive, non-language based, tourable & scalable to theatres from 250pax to 800pax. Mask theatre has an inherently broad demographic with universal appeal. Like great visual theatre or puppetry,  for example: 

• Mummerchanze (Sweden) 

• Familie Floz (Germany) 

• Slavas Snow Show (Russia) 

• Cirque Du Soleil (Canada) 

...the forms' rarity and accessibility propel this work towards a broad uptake from festival presenters, programmers and audiences worldwide.

We will make a work that sits comfortably in this cohort, steeped in tradition with a unique Antipodean flavour! 

In September 2020, we partnered with The Queensland Performing Arts Centre, funded by Arts Queensland, to deliver a successful four-week second-stage creative development. We presented a thoroughly rehearsed, detailed and nuanced 20 minutes except for the complete work for national stakeholders and potential festival presenters. 

THE LOST BALLOON is accessible and universal to young audiences globally. Children and their families worldwide have shown enormous responses to non-verbal works. The opportunity to tour this production will help maintain the artists and artistry of this form (mask theatre) with an Australian flavour. We are confident that given the right amount of support, an imaginative, innovative and enduring production will flourish, one that can only enrich the lives of audiences worldwide, connecting to their hearts - creating shared experiences among diverse communities, which is more important than ever. 

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