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The unique team for THE LOST BALLOON are an artistic powerhouse with a collective industry experience of over 100 years and close to 2500 international performance outcomes. Internationally recognised and critically acclaimed, they have developed an incredibly reliable and robust international network amassing a live global audience in the millions. They stand on a career-long ethos: creating world-class theatre in Queensland by Queensland artists that can be toured joyfully around the world, engaging and inspiring new audiences; demonstrating resilience, bravery, vitality and consistency of quality. 


Our Creative Producer is Craig Harrison, who has worked in the arts sector for over 28 years. He's a board member of youth arts company Cirkidz Inc and South Australian Circus Centre for 12 years and is one of two Australians on the board of IPAY (International Association of Performing Arts for Youth) in Philadelphia, USA and recently produced the Helpmann Award-winning show 'Out of Chaos' by Gravity & Other Myths.


Co-Written/Created: Clint Bolster & Bridget Boyle 

Directed: Bridget Boyle 

Assistant Director/Mask Advisor: Clint Bolster 

Producer: Craig Harrison 

Performed by: Clint Bolster, Allie Wilde, Frans Vogels and Helen Cassidy 

Education Liaison: Adrianne Jones 

Puppeteer: Chris Lane 

Set & Costume Design: Josh McIntosh 

Costume Maker: Joanne Fraher 

Composers: David Megarrity and Samuel Vincent  

Lighting Designer: Jason Glenwright 

Photographers: Justin Ma and Barbara Lowing 

Videography: Tnee Dyer of Raw Mint Studios 

Knitting Instructor: Penny Everingham 

Masks Designed and Made by: Russell Dean from Strangeface Theatre Company UK for Vamos Theatre Company UK. 
Initial Creative Development (2019) was funded and supported by: The Queensland Performing Arts Centre and Brett Howe. 

Second Stage Creative Development (2020) is funded by: The Queensland Government through the Arts Queensland Showcase Program.

Second Stage Creative Development (2020) supported by: The Queensland Performing Arts Centre and Brett Howe

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